HelioText has several service lines, all using our proprietary text data mining and text similarity matching tools and databases:

Funding Agency Grant/Contract Validation: We develop and deploy hardware/software appliances that operate on secure data. Large US government client has used our imbedded ultrasecure appliances to identify plagiarism and duplication in submitted grant applications.

Proessional Meeting Planning and Abstract Analysis: The Heliotext tool and database set can be customized to analyze customer supplied data and also offer real-time analysis to optimize meetings/conferences in the biomedical domain and provide unique added value that can differentiate the offering of meeting planning organizations. International client uses our services to identify plagiarism, duplicate submission, and other issues in submitted abstracts for scientific meetings; client also uses services to automaticaly organize abstract submissions into sessions greatly increasing meeting organization efficiency

Duplicate Text Discovery: By combining massive data sets scraped from the web, we can identify and verify potentially fraudulent claims. Client uses our comparison services to identify duplicate (douible dipping) funding of grants/contracts in Qui Tam actions.

HelioBLAST: A free service of Heliotext as a demonstration of the utility of text similarity searching in the biomedical research literature for relevant and informative content.

MajorizeMe: A soon to be released University and Career matching service.

Custom Applications:

HelioText creates custom applications for its clients, including, for example:

Large-scale text comparison: Heliotext can compare large collections of text against itself or other large collections of text to find similarities that might indicate inappropriate duplication, identify similar interests or groupings.

Document clustering: Collections can be clustered by the amount of pairwise similarity, creating groups of documents at any granularity.

Create custom text collections: Heliotext can create database collections from customer data or from web scraping.

Call us with your needs: If it has to do with text analytics, regardless of size, we can create individualized applications or one-time results.

Extended services and applications

Grant and peer review

Scientific meeting abstract validation

Government agency document analysis

Scientific meeting organization

Education enrichment

Scientific meeting optimization

Education guidance applications

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